An Audio History of the Natural Death Centre

A Natural Death is a 16 minute interview with Stephanie Wienrich; one of the author’s of the Natural Death Handbook. This interview was conducted in 2002 for the Planetary Services Radio and represents a piece of recent history in the innovation and acceptance of natural burial in Britain…sit back and enjoy!

Synopsis of the radio programme: “In recent years we have seen the concept of natural birth gain in popularity, but what about the possibility of a natural death? In 1991 the late Nicholas Albery and his wife Josefine Speyer set up a charitable project called the Natural Death Centre. Nicholas had already made a pioneering impact, with the establishment of the Institute for Social Inventions, an educational and research charity which has launched many ideas for improving the quality of life. The Natural Death Centre continued to evolve in that spirit and aims to assist people to improve the quality of dying. It gives practical support for those dying at home as well as helping people to arrange inexpensive “do it yourself” & green funerals. Stephanie Wienrich, for several years a director of the NDC, talks about why she believes this work is so important.”

A Beautiful Place to Rest is also well worth a listen.

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