Aljazeera coverage of the American eco-burial movement!

According to this Aljazeera news coverage there are 37 natural/eco-burial grounds in America; can anyone verify that?

Green Goodbyes: The growth of eco-burials

Green Goodbyes

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3 Responses to Aljazeera coverage of the American eco-burial movement!

  1. Ian Quance says:

    Hello Hannah – I have records of 74 NBGs in the USA and five in Canada. I believe this is up to date although new ones are opening all of the time. This dooes not include the indigenous population who I believe practice recognisably natural burials in some sites.

  2. Ian Quance says:

    The first article says 150; perhaps I’m behind the times

  3. Dr Hannah Rumble says:

    Thank you for these figures Ian. They sound about right given what I knew of the NBG movement in the USA and Canada 3 years ago.

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