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Rosina Hill

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Pebbles: a design for death

The material culture associated with death and mortuary rites never ceases to amaze and occasionally delight me, as is the case with this designer’s coffin; a birch-ply pebble!

Pebblewood Coffins


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The Price of Death in South Africa


If I weren’t living so far away up in Aberdeen I’d be at this film screening and talk by Dr Rebekah Lee,  in History Department at Goldsmiths, in an instant.  I encourage you to go nonetheless as it sounds fascinating and very topical. Details  below:
30 October
The Price of Death
Rebekah Lee, 29 mins, UK
‘The Price of Death’ explores the cost of death in contemporary South
Africa through the intertwined stories of Dikela Funeral
Services, a family-run business based in a sprawling township in Cape Town,
and the grieving family who hire Dikela to organize
a funeral in a remote town 1000 kilometres away. In a context of economic
deprivation and the devastation of an ongoing
HIV/AIDS epidemic, the emergent funeral industry has created opportunities
and risks, both moral and material, in post-
apartheid South Africa.

Followed by Q&A session with director.
Richard Werbner Award for Visual Ethnography 2013

Ethnographic Film Series at SOAS, Wednesdays 1 PM,
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)


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Aljazeera coverage of the American eco-burial movement!

According to this Aljazeera news coverage there are 37 natural/eco-burial grounds in America; can anyone verify that?

Green Goodbyes: The growth of eco-burials

Green Goodbyes

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