Death Online Research Symposium

Here’s a very interesting conference I would like to plug with my academic hat on:

Death Online Research

– An International Research Network –
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  1. Eric Greene says:

    Greetings Hannah, I just learned about you and your work via Eloise Woods in Texas. As a cultural anthropologist and pioneer of the field of animals and cultures studies, I founded the Green Pet-Burial Society in 2010 to advance research about human beliefs and practices regarding animal death and disposition of bodies, cross culturally; to promote conservation Whole Family Cemeteries (a term I coined to refer to those cemeteries that allow for the burial of an animal companion’s remains in the family cemetery plot); and to protect consumers by bringing a green sensibility to pet cemeteries. It is a nice blend of academic research and addressing the needs of people in their lives. Of course, any focus on death is about our perceptions of nature and society, and our connections to these. If this is of interest, I’d enjoy corresponding.

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