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  • BBC World Service – CrowdScience, Why Do We Bury Our Dead? (aired 28/01/2019)
  • 16th July 2015 – It’s an honour to have been invited to present at the Research Seminar Series run by the Sue Ryder Care Centre for the Study of Supportive, Palliative and End of Life Care at the University of Nottingham

  • 22nd May 2015 – I’ve been invited to participate in a workshop called Design for Death held at the Royal Collage of Art, London; can’t wait!
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  • ASA Anthropology of Britain Network Meeting16th April 2015 – University of Exeter – ‘Far from Dead and Buried: Introducing creative engagement with death and thinking anthropologically to unemployed 17-25 year olds in Bristol’
  • ‘Doctor Disposal’ on stage doing her first ever stand-up comedy gig about death and funerals at the Bristol Bright Club in October 2012.

Sunday 21st October 2012

Capture the Scene participants

This was a wonderful way to spend an autumnal Sunday afternoon and I cannot recommend a walk round Arnos Vale highly enough: it’s like Bristol’s own version of Angkor Wat…escape to the urban grave jungle if you haven’t already!

Here’s some other activities coming up soon at the cemetery: yoga, tai chi, film screenings, medicine walks, photography workshops and much more besides!


A Halloween special with Mark Olver, BRAAAAINS!-themed music and a few coffin-fulls of clever comedy sourced from the cobwebbed corners of your local universities. Feel free to zombify yourself for the occasion – there’s a free drink and ticket for next show on offer for the audience member turning up in the best zombie scientist get-up…

Comedian Mark Olver, your MC for the night

Pete Etchells, experimental psychologist – BRAAAAINS!

Simon Watt, sniffer of elephant carcasses – big BRAAAAINS!

Hannah Rumble, natural burial expert – BRAAAAIN! dead

Dean Burnett, neuroscientist-slash-stand-up-comedian – BRAAAAIN! picker

Suzi Gage, studier of links between cannabis & psychosis – the BRAAAAINS! behind this operation

AND “badass mother-folker” Katey Brooks, who is currently writing a special BRAAAAINS!-themed song especially :)


  • On the 10th September 2011 I presented a paper to accompany the natural burial film screening at Nijmegen University for the 10th Death, Dying and Disposal international conference. I was very excited to discover how viewers from outside of Britain engage with the film and subject matter!
  • I  gave a public lecture and debut screening of the documentary film I collaborated in producing called ‘Earth to Earth: Natural Burial and the Church of England’ at Arnos Vale cemetery in Bristol on Wednesday 16th March.

The film is a gently thought-provoking exploration of the range of values brought to natural burial by bereaved families, site custodians and funeral professionals at a woodland burial ground affiliated to the Church of England in Cambridgeshire. This film encompasses some of the themes addressed in my thesis.

For more information visit Arnos Vale’s events page.

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