3 Responses to My current research project; creative community arts and death

  1. Susan Morris says:

    Hannah, what a great project. Please do let us know when you have details of the exhibition in April as we’d like to let people know about it. From all at the Natural Death Centre charity / Association of Natural Burial Grounds @ndccharity

  2. Dr Hannah Rumble says:

    The exhibition will run from the 13th-17th April at CentreSpace Gallery in Bristol. I intend to run some workshops over the weekend in the gallery space as well. http://www.deadandburied.org, the project’s website, will announce the details nearer the time and it would be great to see some of you at the exhibition.

  3. Susan Morris says:

    Hi Hannah,
    How exciting. I love the website. I hope it goes well.
    Looking forward to the exhibition, we wouldn’t miss it.
    Best wishes

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