Emotion, Embodiment and Death

This  symposium promises to be a fascinating and thought-provoking event for those of you who can attend!

Emotion, Embodiment and Death

(Symposium, Queen Mary, University of London, 2-3 June 2014)

Emotion, Embodiment and Death Symposium
2-3 June 2014
Centre for the History of the Emotions: Queen Mary University of London

The symposium is free to attend, but space is limited, so please register by e-mailing e.carrera@qmul.ac.uk, specifying whether you wish to attend Day One, Day Two, or both.

Organizer: Elena Carrera

Day One – 2 June 2014

Mourning Spaces, Sources and Sounds Past and Present
11:30-11:45     Welcome – Elena Carrera (History of Emotions and Hispanic Studies, QMUL)
11:45-12:30     Thomas Dixon (History, QMUL) Natalie Steed (Audio producer) and Clare Whistler (Artist in Residence, QMUL) – ‘One Single Tear’ – podcast, film, and discussion of the ‘Novo’ Sephardi cemetery, tears, and George Herbert

12:30-13:30   LUNCH

13:30-14:30     Hilary Pomeroy (Hebrew and Jewish Studies, UCL) – ‘Role, Ritual and the Sephardi Romancero’
14:30-15:30     Andrea Brady (English, QMUL) – ‘Morbid Geographies: Death and/in Space’

15:30-16:00   COFFEE

16:00-17:00     James Amelang (History, UAM) – ‘The Sources of Mourning: Early Modern Paradoxes’
17:00-18:00     Round Table Discussion
18:00-19:00     Refreshments (including kosher)
19:00-20:00     Recital – Shire Tze’akah (Songs of Wailing) – An exploration of traditions of music in mourning in the Portuguese-Jewish rite

Day Two – 3 June 2014

Emotion, Embodiment and Death in 15th-Century Spanish, Music and Poetry
11:30-12:30      Şizen Yiacoup (Hispanic Studies, University of Liverpool) – ‘Grief, guilt and the strategic uses of pathos in the Castilian frontier ballads’

12:30-13:30       LUNCH

13:30-14:00     Guitar recital: Roger Wright (Hispanic Studies, University of Liverpool) performing Spanish Ballads in translation
14:00-15:00      Dorothy Severin (Hispanic Studies, University of Liverpool) – ‘Love and Death in Diego de San Pedro’

15:00-15:30       COFFEE

15:30-16:30     Manuel Moreno (Hispanic Studies, University of Liverpool) – ‘Lágrimas y penas: lecturas de un muerto’
16:30-17:30     Soterraña Aguirre (Musicology, Universidad de Valladolid) – ‘”Nunca fue pena mayor”: éxito y emoción’
17:30-18:00     Roundtable discussion: Setting the agenda

18:00-19:00     DRINKS RECEPTION

All the sessions will take place in the Arts One Lecture Theatre, on the ground floor of Arts One, except for the refreshments and recital on 2 June, 6-8pm.


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