Assisted Dying Panel Debate podcast from Bristol Museum as part of its ‘Death: The Human Experience’ exhibition

Here are some timings to make this Bristol Museum debate more coherent:

0:00:00 Noise while people are waiting for the debate to start!

0:21:00 Lisa Graves (Exhibition Curator)

0:24:20 Richard Huxtable (Chair – Prof of Medical Ethics and Law, University of Bristol)

0:34:00 Lesley Close (Accompanied her brother to Dignitas in 2003)

0:52:30 Silvan Luley (Dignitas)

1:11:10 Katherine Sleeman (Clinical Lecturer in Palliative care, Kings College, London)

1:21:30 Havi Carel (Professor of Philosophy, University of Bristol)

1:30:15 John Troyer (Director Centre for Death and Society, University of Bath)

YouTube Preview Image

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